Talking to Myself
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In this book affirmative phrases will be presented in order to raise the reader's self-esteem bringing great benefits to the mind and soul. Thus providing mental and spiritual balance. The relationship we have with ourselves can thus raise us beyond our current conditions or remain stagnant and stopped simply because we do not believe in our own abilities when we are overcome by the fear that sometimes surrounds us and in many cases we do not know the strength we have until we are tested and proven. Exercising this principle of power will make you a more wise and prudent person when dealing with the adversities of life that are often caused by water coming or not, by life's fatalities and even by our own mind. This method can drastically influence the life of a person who is craving internal change and better living. In our relationship with ourselves the powers of the universe conspire in our favor due to the mint charges that we keep within us the strength is in the ability to say well about yourself and the ability to understand yourself and then others. Taking care of your health. mental and spiritual everything will flow well even on those darkest nights you will know what and how to do to overcome and remain happy, the final happiness is actually moments, it does not mean that in some moments we will not cry or even think about giving up more so it is possible to find happiness in these moments of life when we come to understand and understand ourselves. Life is made of moments and with this method life becomes lighter and more desirable, the powers of the mind are incredible we have the innate ability to build or destroy ourselves. Life is largely what we do, the way we see ourselves or we understand this which makes us unique and distinct from each other. We are fantastic beings capable of rebuilding, starting over and reinventing ourselves. When you learn to apply this method in your daily life, this will be the difference. This book will help you understand how important you must be to yourself through inspiring phrases.

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Josiane C Pereira

Josiane Pereira reside na cidade de Juiz de Fora no estado de Minas Gerais .

Formada em enfermagem, pós graduada em enfermagem do trabalho e centro cirúrgico.

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