The Therapy of Sound
Não Ficção, Medicina Alternativa, Cura, Allied Health Services, Medicina, Corpo, Mente E Espírito
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Nowadays we see the increasing use of music as a therapeutic procedure as well as of vibrational therapies in health treatments. There is much talk about Quantum Vibrational Therapy, as a fundamental part of future medicine. Quantum healing: myths and truths.

One current view is that living organisms have a vibratory pattern in which they are susceptible to external vibratory influences, positive or otherwise. The body reacts to these to the extent of its psychosomatic state of balance as a result of its complexion. In this sense, it is expected that appropriate vibratory therapies, musical or otherwise, will have a significant effect as an auxiliary therapeutic procedure in recovery treatments for physical and emotional health.

ISBN 978-65-900-9592-3
Número de páginas 178
Edição 1 (2019)
Formato A5 (148x210)
Coloração Preto e branco
Tipo de papel Offset 75g
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Clederson Paduani

Clederson Paduani é físico e músico, com doutorado na UFMG (BR), e pós-doutorados na University of California, Santa Cruz (EUA), no Laboratoire Louis Néel, Grenoble (FR), na Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond (EUA) e na University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (EUA).

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