Mello Method Reader - Volume 02
Babes in the wods & Little Red Riding Hood
Linguística, Cursos E Idiomas
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Babes in the wood (Classic Story)

Once upon a time there lived two little children whose parents were on the bed because they were very ill. One day the parents asked their brother to care for the two little. The uncle promised he would be a father to them.

Little Red Riding Hood (Classic Story)

Once upon a time a country girl lived in a village, who was the sweetest little creature that ever was seen; her mother naturally loved a lot, and her grandmother had made for her a pretty little red coloured hood, that every one called her Little Red Riding Hood.

Número de páginas 41
Edição 1 (2010)
Formato A5 (148x210)
Acabamento Brochura c/ orelha
Coloração Preto e branco
Tipo de papel Offset 75g
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Jimmy L. MEllo

Jimmy Lemos de Mello

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