Naked Truth

Por Safih Quelbert

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Fotografia Individual, Ensaios Fotográficos, Artista Individual, Fotografia, Biografia e Testemunho, Artes

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This is an updated version of the previous book "The Art of My Classy Nude Unveiled - from same author

Bying this art you"ll help this story to be known, reaching as many hands as it's possible, and thus, encouraging other women to believe that it's possible turn around and be reborn, no matter how difficult our personal challenges shall be.

As an immersive piece, the artistic chronicling of her experiences and personal journey is fascinating and emotive.

The poignancy of this work and the way in which some difficult subjects are tackled here, allow for a compelling read.

The personable writing style and the honesty with which she detail her experiences makes this piece accessible to a wide audience of readers, resonating especially with women seeking their own journey of recognizing their natural beauty and identity, which was lost long time ago.

To the male standpoint, with the pictures also shown in this book, they will certainly appreciate on a deeper level, the real woman beauty.

Ultimately, this is an inspiring, intriguing, absorbing, and empowering piece, very well-written with striking photographs throughout.


ISBN 9781387631636
Número de páginas 391
Edição 1 (2023)
Formato 16x23 (160x230)
Acabamento Capa dura
Coloração Colorido
Tipo de papel Couche 150g
Idioma Inglês

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Safih Quelbert

Sensitive since when she was kid, Safih naturally sought answers about the supernatural influence on our minds and the physical influence on our bodies, as she always forecasted things, situations, and so on, without understanding how it worked.

At the age of 17 she entered the university of Psychology, deepening her knowledge of emotions and psychosomatics, while started her studies in quantum physics, as she always wanted to understand and access everything about life, in a deepest way.

Through astrology, she sought to understand the influence of the stars on nature, on the magnetic field, on people, on behaviors; through complementary therapies, like flower treatments, reiki and color therapy, she tried to increase not just their health, but also the pet's health behaviors; with the oriental milenar knowledge, she could understand better our deep desires, our ego, the human yearnings.

With an unwavering affection, naturally reaching out to those in need, she' ve never let go of use all her skills toward the others, her grandest ambition.

Her tune with art, music, words, creative endeavor, triggered her to work with fashion trends, as if she could treat the needs from outside to inside, and as a researcher therapist, as if she could do it, from inside to outside.

Since 2021, she was invite to work as photographer and model of her own photos, where some of them were chosen to be exhibited in many countries, now launching this 2nd book sharing her personal journey.


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