Unused Justice
Ficção, Ficção e Romance, Legal, Romance
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Unused justice


In Unused Justice, on the turn of the first page, the reader will find himself inside a legal drama. Jefferson Parker’s anguish externalizes human being’s great concern. When he returns to Hamilton Computer, a promising company in the hardware branch, Parker finds several federal authorities investigating his business. At this point, the reader walks in the fascinating New Virginia State, fictive scenario where this legal thriller is set and where an amazing investigation takes place with the objective of clarifying the facts.


Jefferson is a capitalist entrepreneur afraid to lose his wealth, but he has to choose between money and greater belongings as honor, freedom, moral, ethics, and family. In an amazing case of tax evasion, his company is involved in an audit led by the federal police, prosecutors and trial courts who will decide the fate of Jefferson and his beloved wife Jacqueline. The investigation will decide whether there has been an evasion and whether the punishment should be a prison sentence or a fine. The finding of an alleged tax evasion is treated in its varied possibilities, as Hamilton Castardo shows to the reader.

Readers are hooked by the suspicions, the discoveries, the reasons of each character, the needs of each human being, the motive and purpose of each one.

Questions raised by the book

Faced by a challenging situation, the protagonist questions the true essence of justice. Is justice the same as law? Could Jefferson have simulated everything? Would one of the family members be guilty? Were some of the email messages warnings or threats? Could one single man be allowed to judge and sentence someone else’s entire life to prison? Will Jefferson be able to live with the burden of condemning his wife to prison? Are taxes necessary? How does a person feel when charged by not only heavy taxes but also a fine and an additional criminal court case? How does the case develop? What should be done? Plot and legal environment harmonize with the rhythm of events.

William and Kelly are the lawyers who accept to represent Hamilton Computer and its owners, Jefferson and Jacqueline Parker. They doubt Jefferson’s innocence in relation to tax evasion, but ethics and the duty of pursuing justice impel them to represent the company and owners in all the scenarios drawn by the author. Law offices, investigation offices, federal police stations, courts of first and second instance are represented in details and the reader is led inside these places to intensively live the events.

The law

Nelson, the prosecutor, is an ambitious man who likes the art of accusing and condemning the accused. He is always willing to do what it takes to conquer court disputes. He will accuse Jefferson and Jacqueline. Judge Lincoln, with his ethical nature, always rigidly decides according to the facts and the law. Before offering voluntary revelation to the criminal case, Jefferson decides to hire Raul to start an investigation on the merchandise object of evasion. The battle engaged is terrifying and mortal.

The reader is caught in involving outcomes, judging by himself who is guilty, the concept of justice, and the reverence to exacerbated capitalism. This intriguing captivating plot shows the behind the scenes of court cases of tax evasion, money laundering, complicit, computer crimes, breach of secrecy. Everything is combined with perfect sophistication, leading the reader to the real world of law. An unprecedent interaction.


The findings and the suspects are presented in a way that the reader constructs his own convictions while learning about the story and understanding the mechanism of tax evasion with its consequences, the power of the State, the submission of people to the law and to the determinations of the judge in the interpretation and application of the law.

The outcome of Unused Justice is surprising, establishing a grand finale after many twists. It is an appreciated insertion in the literary world, the author Hamilton Castardo.

Número de páginas 264
Edição 1 (2016)
Formato A5 (148x210)
Acabamento Brochura c/ orelha
Coloração Preto e branco
Tipo de papel Offset 75g

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Fale com o autor
Hamilton Castardo

Hamilton Castardo é professor universitário, mestre em Direito, bacharel em Administração de Empresas, poeta e escritor, nascido na cidade de Jundiaí, SP. Palestrante. Cresceu no meio de livros os quais leu intensamente, levando-o a criar o seu próprio mundo cultural, despertado pela sua fértil imaginação e criatividade.

Dedicou sua adolescência à leitura de livros clássicos e histórias em quadrinhos.

É membro da Academia Limeirense de Letras – ALLe. Hamilton Castardo vive em Limeira, São Paulo.

Site oficial: www.hamiltoncastardo.com

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