Catharsis - A song for a serial killer
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Shakespeare, Psicologia Forense, Psicologia, Drama, Artes e Entretenimento
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Gabriel is a young man who works as a locksmith in a small company, but with great aspirations for music and the arts. He is also the serial killer that the police are desperately looking for in Portland, Main – USA. There are already nine women brutally murdered.

Every time they commit a crime, Gabriel attempts suicide.

He's sure that something monstrous inside him has mastered him and he doesn't want to go on living with it anymore. Until one day he meets a beautiful woman, Vivian, a music teacher with serious anxiety problems and a quest for perfection.

When they first meet, something about Gabriel catches Vivian's eye: a tattoo of Hamlet's skull on his arm.

So Vivian invites him to be her student at the town's music school. He is eclectic and she is erudite. He is indecisive and she is decisive. He is serene and she is anxious.

Together, they will discover that love and music are true miracles contrary to the laws of science.

But great challenges cross, like the beautiful and ambitious Victor, a rich and talented Psychologist and student of Vivian.

He is obsessed with the teacher and will do anything to get Gabriel out of his way. Plus a surprising ending.

A true work on antagonism, philosophy and art. An intense story about love and hate, humility and vanity and how these feelings can save or destroy our lives.

It is a current theme in which misery defies art, the defiance of hatred, the truth defies hypocrisy and as a transformation of personality that will arouse the interest of audiences of various ages.

Número de páginas 175
Edição 1 (2022)
Formato A5 (148x210)
Acabamento Brochura c/ orelha
Coloração Preto e branco
Tipo de papel Offset 90g

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