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Details of History
Sociology of Religion, Historiografia, Civilização, Geografia E Historia, Ciências Humanas E Sociais, Ciências da Religião
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People say that whoever knows the history,

knows where came from, therefore has an easy time

to understand the present and imagining the future,

where it goes, and above all, chose where to go.

José Martí, the Cuban Patriarch, defended that

we must "be cult to be free". If he is right, the culture

contemplates the past, the freedom contemplates the

past, the present, and the future examine the history.

Being cult and free, to know how to talk

knowing the origin of things is a one-way street, a

path that continuously requires that we satisfy our

hunger for knowledge, for explicative sources, for

authors and historical character that fill the gap


caused by a popular culture more and more repetitive,

basic and mediocre.

It is in history that we must search, in times like

these, a stimulus to comprehend this present, so full

of nihilistic certainties in the mouth of everybody, and

clicks in the collective idiocy. These lines were

thought, initially, as support material for my history


I have sought to report in writing the historical

curiosities that I use more frequently in my classes.

Along the way, I thought that this material made to

stimulate young minds, through the past paths, could

be used by other people that still have a thirst for the

knowledge of the past, and for people that crave to

read something different.

I say something different because, in the lines

that follow, you will find curiosities that, mostly, are

tied up to underutilized sources by the media or by the

official history books.

It is a book to be browsed and read in the order

that suits the reader better. If you accept a

suggestion, you can read it gradually, flip through

some pages alone or with relatives on a camping trip,


or even at that time after lunch on Sunday, when you

have nothing to do, but every time some matter arises.

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