Magic or Technology?
Revealing the mechanism of functioning of all types of Magic!
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Mistaken to think that does not practice magic or sorcery is evil. We will treat here soon to demystify the subject, because by definition magic "is the science of causing change in accordance with the Will" - Aleister Crowley, therefore any act that causes a change, is an act of magic.

Quantum physics is already proving scientifically that a simple thought can lead to a change in "reality," so everyone who thinks, practice magic, conscious of it or not, whether you accept it or not. So if you think, you too ...

The worst sin there is ignorance (such as lack of information), it generates the pre-concept, leading people to judge and speak of you unaware. So before you speak of something, look better understand the subject matter.

It's amazing how we never questioned the fact that whenever we think our beliefs are better than those of "others." Our beliefs are "right" and those that are different from ours, are "wrong." Did you ever wonder about that?

The fact is that, we identify with our beliefs, so that they end up being part of us. And we want to defend at all costs our identity, so until we feel offended if someone says anything that goes against our beliefs.

But as said the great sage Robert Anton Wilson: "the belief that caters to those too lazy to think, because if we assume some belief as the right, automatically we reject all the opposite, and we stop to think about it, not question further" .

There are those who practice magic aware of what they are doing, and those who deliver right to exercise this natural power in the hands of chance, and therefore do not live in reality as they would like. For living in an unconscious way!

But who does not want to cause any change in your life?

So it would be much better if we took control of a conscious?

If you could choose the reality we want to live right now, in this very moment, what would you choose?

We will here describe some effective practices and explain their operation to help the reader to bring about changes in "reality" in which he lives. Unravelling the mechanism of functioning, we just ends with the mysticism and fear that still exists in some people around this subject.

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