Violence and infrastructure in Brazil
Desenvolvimento Humano, Geografia E Historia, Psicologia, Américas
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This research will verify the existence of any relation between the homicide rate and the poor or insufficient social and urban infrastructure in peripheral neighborhoods in contrast with neighborhoods that are valued by the real estate capital. It is important to highlight that this research aims to the advent of a Citizen State, not a police state. For this reason, the following infrastructures will be examined: the number of schools, hospitals, theaters, bookstores and police stations.

In Brazil, most theaters have public capital investment, that is why the “number of theaters” factor was taken into consideration in this research. The “number of bookstores” fator was inserted so that it could be possible to observe the influence of culture on the reduction of homicides. It is noteworthy that the number of homicides results from a complex problem in which many factors contribute to its occurrence. The purpose of this research is to verify only one aspect of the discussion about the motivations for the number of homicides: the presence of infrastructure in the territories.

ISBN 978-85-919709-0-2
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Edição 1 (2015)
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