Drama, Ficção, Inglês, Irlandês, Escocês, Galês
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Water and Justice

A legal thriller to raise debates

A legal thriller of extraordinary quality. A book that launches interesting ideas and thoughts to the humanity of the 21st century, providing the ground for urgent debates. An intelligent instigating novel.

In this legal thriller, following Unused Justice, Hamilton Castardo returns to the universe of justice to debate universal ideas.

In New Virginia, a company, Star Water, wins the water system concession to control all public water services. By denying people access to water, the company chooses escalading profit as its main objective over the preservation of life, freedom, and dignity for New Virginia citizens.

People and organizations unite to reconquer the right to control water but only an extremely strong power might combat and oppose Star Water. Forced by the circumstances, Arthur, a law student, decides to fight against the powerful company, following through the most difficult paths to obtain proof against water privatization. The story involves great mysteries: who exerts the power? How did they gain the right to exert the power? May water be treated as merchandise? Is there a universal right to water and life? Can the power exerted by Star Water be defeated?

In Water and Justice, the reader is directly draw into a New Virginia court that will decide the legitimacy of the contract of water privatization and the validity of abusive elevation of prices. Arthur, Karen, Joseph and Maykon unite to fight against the system. The reader will recognize the risks brought to everyone by the privatization of water in the hands of greedy people.

Star Water, billionaire company, spends millions of dollars with lawyers to ensure private water stays in its hands. Hamilton Castardo shows the investigations, the search for proof, the case studies, and the quest of young Arthur to activate the Judiciary, in search of a verdict that conquers the millionaire invisible power of those who rule the capital in the world.

It is an impressive special story written to enrapture. Ambitious and bold, the author shows the dangers of privatizing essential means to life, cultivates the idea of human dignity and places the reader inside the plot to think and decide the future of everyone.

Involving sequences engage the reader who participates with Arthur in an incessant search for proof against Star Water. In addition, the reader gets closer to the concept of justice and the battle between law and fundamental rights. Water privatization is an intriguing and far-reaching plot that brings the reader behind the scenes of court disputes in the search for the right to water. An unprecedented co-participation of citizens and justice.

Findings are presented in a way that permits readers to get acquainted to the story while understanding the dangers of water privatization as the novel shows the power of the State and the possibility of fighting against the established situation from inside the system’s own model.

The outcome of Water and Justice is surprising, establishing the grand finale after many plot twists in this book.

Número de páginas 288
Edição 1 (2016)
Formato A5 (148x210)
Acabamento Brochura c/ orelha
Coloração Preto e branco
Tipo de papel Offset 75g
Fale com o autor

Hamilton Castardo é professor universitário, mestre em Direito, bacharel em Administração de Empresas, poeta e escritor, nascido na cidade de Jundiaí, SP. Palestrante. Cresceu no meio de livros os quais leu intensamente, levando-o a criar o seu próprio mundo cultural, despertado pela sua fértil imaginação e criatividade.

Dedicou sua adolescência à leitura de livros clássicos e histórias em quadrinhos.

É membro da Academia Limeirense de Letras – ALLe. Hamilton Castardo vive em Limeira, São Paulo.

Site oficial: www.hamiltoncastardo.com

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