Autoajuda, Espiritualidade, Filosofia / Religião
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This book helps us understand how the energies of Light envolves us, continuously sending instructions, inspiration and original ideas. These let us know what God wishes or expects us to do in order to continue on the path, that is, to be able to better use free will. But do not be fooled, the darkness also works in that way. And what is going to define, in a certain moment, which of the energies will prevail, will depend on the alignment or vibration we are in, the environment, the thoughts and the companies, easing the approximation of a certain kind of energy, good or evil, and from there, the unfoldings in all fields of our lives.

Número de páginas 77
Edição 1 (2010)
Formato A5 (148x210)
Acabamento Brochura c/ orelha
Coloração Preto e branco
Tipo de papel Offset 75g

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Marta Trajano

variação 51

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Comunidade Clube de Autores:

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