Florence, Drama and Conquest

Por Norma Trespach

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Autoajuda, Literatura Nacional

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Dr. José Valdaí de Souza, a renowned professional in the medical area, defined well in the preface of Florence, Drama and Conquest all the importance that the renowned writer Norma Trespach here presents us: "Human beings should never keep their losses, powers, sufferings and conquests in a safe - but share them with others; this is an unforgettable gift".

This is not the first time that Norma Trespach has surprised us, she had already offered other significant and remarkable books, as: A Norm to Live for – The Life of Norma Trespach, Universe in Harmony, and Bimbo, Love and Complicity. Not to mention the great and singular poet she is. In each line, she had stripped her soul, showing the transparency of her emotions. Now, with Florence, Drama and Conquest, the courageous journey from the drama of illness to the conquest of health. Moreover, the conquest of the world through perseverance. And she says all this in this novel, that takes our attention from beginning to end, because Florence’s drama hits us hardly, and we become accomplice-readers. A personal drama that became a general conquest, where Norma reaffirms to us the ancient teaching: there is no evil that lasts forever. And to those who have courage and love in their hearts, victory will always be closer, deservedly.

Here in your hands, friendly reader, there is a book which is a medicine that heals through words.

Rossyr Berny - Publisher


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Edição 1 (2020)
Idioma Inglês

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