The Radical Gospel
Reaching Skaters and other urban tribes
Esportes E Lazer, Literatura Estrangeira, Teologia, Skate
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The Bible speaks of a people who were greatly rejected: the Samaritans. In both the Old and New Testaments the reference to the Samaritans was always marginalized. Jesus emphasized forgiveness and mercy to this people based on parables and their journeys to Samaritan villages.

One question that should be answered is? Who are the Samaritans of our day? In an urban context, I think it would be the specific groups (the undergrounds: rockers, rappers, surfers, skaters, urban artists, etc.).

Besides these there is a large contingent outside the church's lens: many poor, dependent chemists, prostitutes, homosexuals, foreigners, deaf people, among others ... That are ignored by the local church; perhaps out of prejudice, perhaps out of ignorance and the most likely not to know how to evangelize, welcome, disciple.

This book aims to help the Brazilian church as well as urban missions enthusiasts to correctly achieve these segments based on the skate tribe. He is yet another inspiring guide who will help you become a better leader, to develop the ministry with trustworthy ministry to you and your team..

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