The dialogue between Literature and Geography
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Citações, Referência, Geografia E Historia, Crítica Literária
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The book is aimed at all scholars of space in Literature and for all geographers who wish to see the geographical reality through literary texts. Anchored in the interdisciplinarity between Topoanalysis and Cultural/Humanistic Geography, it is part of the great awakening that studies on the literary space have been the target of in the last decades, especially by geographers who seek a clearer, more intense, expressive and existential form of literary language to describe places and to communicate aspects of the human condition. It is not all: the adepts of literary studies can find in this dialogue a stimulating source of concepts that can be mined in Geography and used in their approaches to space in Literature.

Since the dialogue between Literature and Geography (or between Geography and Literature) has been growing dramatically every year, this text can assist the researcher of the Romanesque space by presenting the following aspects: how does the dialogue between these two fields of knowledge? What do geographers look for in literary language? How is the dialogue between science and art constituted epistemically? What are the main theorists? What are the main concepts put into action? What is the historical background of this conversation that has lasted more than a century? In addition to all this, the present book also seeks to show a possible itinerary to be followed by those who wish to explore the Literature / Geography interface in the study of the romanesque space.

ISBN 978-65-002-5336-8
Número de páginas 122
Edição 1 (2021)
Formato A5 (148x210)
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Coloração Preto e branco
Tipo de papel Offset 90g

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